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NEWSBLOG - July 12, 2012

Our Platform Explained is the only web hosting provider that makes use of an inventive platform, which uses virtualization combined with shared services. I will try to explain how this works.

Server: a computer that is connected to the internet and hosts internet applications
Shared web hosting: web site hosting where multiple customers share the same server
Virtualisation: new technology which splits servers into multiple virtual servers (VPS, virtual private server).

Every customer has a VPS

A VPS is a virtual computer inside a computer. Every customer – basic and pro – has their own VPS (an OpenVZ container). Inside the VPS customers have a full operating system (Debian Linux) at their disposal. They can use their VPS to run their custom applications, like PHP scripts or other CGI applications. They could even run their own web server, but the good thing about our platform is: that's not necessary! Outside your VPS, shared server applications like a web server are in place, and connect seamlessly to your VPS. No Linux skills are required.

Take a look at this picture, which illustrates how the platform works:

Sample web server

Advantage 1: security

Traditional shared web hosting providers have very high security risks. When multiple customers host their website on the same server, they are also likely to be able to damage other customers - for example by accessing their files or overloading the server. These risks are virtually exterminated by using virtualization.

Advantage 2: resources

Usually the advantage of shared hosting compared to VPS hosting is the sharing of server applications like web servers and database servers, saving resources like memory and disk space. This is why shared web hosting is much cheaper than regular VPS hosting. On our platform though, virtualization is combined with shared server applications. As a result, customers don't need to run any programs in their vps to run their website, so all resources can be used for application-specific programs like PHP scripts.

Advantage 3: flexibility

When you have to share a server with multiple customers, it is hard to adjust its settings to your needs or run custom applications. This is why shared hosting used to be only suitable for very simple websites. This is solved by using virtualization: each customer has their own environment where they can do anything they could if they had their own server.

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