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You must agree to the Terms of Service (TOS) to use and sign up for any services provided by

We reserve the right to remove any content hosted on our servers, or terminate your account and our service, if the TOS is violated.

1. Subscription activation and renewal

1.1 Activation will only start providing the purchased service after payment has been received. The customer will receive his accounts details, and Simple-webhosting will start providing the service within 24 hours after the initial payment has been received. From the moment starts providing the service the customer is subscribed to the service until he or cancels the subscription.

1.2 Term

The term of the subscription can range from one month to two years and must be determined by the customer before making a payment. If the customer wishes to continue making use of the service after this term, a new payment must be made at least five days prior to the end of the term. When the payment has been received, the subscription will be renewed with a new end date. When no new payment has been received at the end of the term, the account will be terminated. reserves the right to refuse continuation of the service for any reason, when the term has ended.

1.4 Cancellation

When the subscription is cancelled will stop providing the service at the end of the subscription term, and the subscription will not be renewed. When a subscription has been cancelled and the term has been ended, the customer's account and data can not be restored. The customer or can choose to cancel the subscription at any time.

1.5 Money-back guarantee

If the customer terminates their subscription within 30 days after activation, the full amount of the customer's hosting subscription will be refunded on the customer's request. The customer is not eligible for a refund if he breached the TOS.

1.4 Termination and suspension

When an account has been terminated or suspended, it has become inaccessible immediately. The customer can terminate or suspend the service at any time, and can terminate or suspend the service when the TOS have been breached, the customer's account has been hacked or poses a severe risk to or its customers. When the service has been terminated, the customer's account and data can not be restored, even if the Term has not yet ended.

2. Use of services

2.1 Intended usage

The customer is only allowed to make use of the service for the intented use of the purchased service, which is web hosting. The uses detailed in 2.2 are not conceived as intended usage.

2.2 Unacceptable use

Unacceptable usage of any service, unless it is explicitly specified as the intended use of the service, include proxy scripts, bittorrent, file sharing and any unlawful activity. With the exception of the "pro" subscription, it is prohibited to resell (part of) the service or give someone else access to (part of) an account.

2.3 Use of mail server

It is strictly prohibited to use the service for sending spam or any type of mail flooding. It is only allowed to send emails with the from header containing an email address that is owned by the sender.

2.4 Usage of server resources

A service can be suspended at any moment if it uses more system resources (CPU and memory) than is acceptable for the purchased service. For the cheapest web hosting subscriptions, this is under 5%. For more expensive subscriptions higher percentages can be tolerated according to internal guidelines.

3 Services provided to customers

3.1 List of services available

The following services are available to every customer. "Shared" means the service is shared with other customers.

  • Shared web server
  • Shared MySQL database server
  • Shared FTP server
  • SSH server
  • Control panel
  • OpenVZ VPS with Debian and one IPv6 address
The following additional services are only available to customers with a Pro subscription:
  • IPv4 address
  • Root shell access

3.2 Uptime guarantee aims to provide a 99.9% uptime for its web server in every month. May Simple-webhosting fail to reach this aim in a given month, the customer can request a refund of half of the monthly price of his subscription. The refund will not be given if downtime has been caused by the customer, or is not related to the web server.

3.3 Allocation of system resources

3.3.1 Disk space and bandwidth
An account will be allocated the amount of disk space and data transfer (bandwidth) per month, as specified in the description of the purchased service. When the allowed disk space has been exceeded, no more files can be created. When the allowed data transfer has been exceeded, the account will be suspended for the remainder of the month or until an additional payment has been made.

3.3.2 Memory and CPU
For the cheapest hosting subscription the customer will be allocated 64 MB RAM and 128 MB swap. For more expensive subscriptions this can be more according to the service's description or internal guidelines. Customers will be able to use 4 CPU cores, which will be fairly shared with other customers.

3.4 Support

Every customer has access to basic email support. aims to answer all support emails within 12 hours. All support emails will be answered within 24 hours.

3.5 Backups

Simple-webhosting backs up customer information daily. Simple-webhosting does not backup anything uploaded by customers. Customers are solely responsible to backup their websites.

4 Disclaimer

The use of the services of is at the customer's own risk. is not responsible for any damages the customer may suffer. This includes loss of data and downtime or any form of service interruption. The customer is solely responsible for the content of the websites the customer is hosting at

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