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Pay your hosting subscriptiong with bitcoin

At, it is possible to pay with bitcoin. In fact, our bitcoin price is even lower than our euro price, because of bitcoin's low transaction costs.

Privacy respected

We respect your privacy: your details are stored securely and only used by us. We don't check your address or other personal information. Enter whatever you like!

Extensible web hosting

We believe hosting should be simple: no need to choose between complicated plans. Our hosting plan is exstensible, in order to suit everyone. It is a hybrid between traditional shared web hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, making it versatile, secure and stable.

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Instant setup
30-day money-back gaurantee
5 GB diskspace: €0.74
5 GB bandwidth: €0.74
€ 1.48 per month
฿ 0.0000 per month
Excluding 21% VAT.


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